Smiles are a universal greeting. They make you look more approachable, trustworthy, and pleasant. When you genuinely smile, your body releases endorphins, which make you feel better too. Smiling is very important for our well being, people who smile live longer, are less stressed and more successful in life. Let’s take a look at the benefits hidden in the corners of your mouth.


When we smile we use 10 muscles in our face. A genuine smile uses all the superficial muscles for a full face workout!




Smiling shows you are a positive person, and it releases endorphins. The more you smile the better you will feel. The next time you are down, try putting on a smile. There is a good chance your mood will pick up quite quickly. Smiling tends to trick the body into feeling better. The physical act of smiling actually activates neural messaging in your brain, boosting neuropeptides as well as mood- boosting neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. These can also help lower your blood pressure. Smiling is actually our bodies natural anti-depressant!



When you encounter a pleasant situation, smiling is a reflex your body has, it is an expression of joy that our body shows others! This is actually contagious. Have you ever been described as a person who has the power to lighten a room? Your smile can actually change the mood of others, and make things happier. The part of your brain that controls your facial expressions is completely unconscious, this means that when you smile, people will mimic your expression without thinking about it.


Smiling also makes us more attractive. People are naturally drawn to others who smile. Not surprising, negative expressions like frowns, scowls, and grimaces actually push people away. Smiling not only helps prevent us from looking worn down, stressed, and tired, but can actually help reduce stress in your life and others you encounter. Studies have shown that smiling can add 7 years to your life. So next time you are feeling stress put on a smile and help not only yourself, but those around you.

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